how it works

The apps and devices we use every day are making tons of money from our data: big companies are leveraging Big Data to turn big profits. blockWRK empowers companies of any size with the latest blockchain technology to drive profitability and automate the payment of health and safety incentives, while helping individuals control the monetization of their personal data and get paid for what they’re already giving away.

We believe everyone deserves a piece of their own pie, and that users should control who accesses their personal data. The blockWRK app encrypts user data, stores it on the blockchain, and gives the keys to the user, while helping businesses automate the payment of health and safety incentives to opt-in employees. With block WRK, anyone earn cryptocurrency for the the things you are already doing every day!

get more for your WRK

be more productive

The blockWRK app helps you set and achieve personal and professional goals… and because we use the Open mHealth format to store your health data, it can even help you save money on your insurance bills! As you use the app, blockWRK analyzes your daily activities and gives you tips on how to increase your productivity, while also showing you ways to maximize your rewards.

help businesses grow revenues

As a blockWRK user, the statistical analysis of your data helps us demonstrate the value of your data to businesses, insurers, and advertisers. If your employer uses blockWRK too, your data can help us map RDAs (revenue driving activities) to help understand the root causes of business productivity and revenue creation, and the app can automatically reward you with WRK for on the job tasks, as well as for performing healthy, productive activities off the clock.

You set your sharing permissions and retain total control over your identifiable data, and your employer decides which RDAs should be compensated. The blockWRK app acts as a mediator to maintain your privacy while enabling the compensation of RDAs.

BIT Network

Our blockchain, the Blockchained Interplanetary Tangle (the BIT Network for short), is built upon the work of several existing distributed ledger technologies. The core of the BIT Network is a modified implementation of the IOTA Tangle where the directed acyclic graph (DAG) structure allows us to maintain long term scalability and zero-fee transactions: we removed the need for “the coordinator,” replaced the use of permanodes with the IPFS protocol to archive historical data in a distributed peer-to-peer fashion, and use daily hashing to the Ethereum blockchain to maintain the security and immutability of the BIT Network. 

If you want to know more about the technical nuts and bolts of the blockWRK BIT Network:


who we are

Real-life managers, executives, researchers, and blockchain enthusiasts. People that have been through the wringer and experienced all the good, the bad, and the ugly that the business world and its misaligned incentives has to offer. We have made careers out of fixing broken systems and coming up with new ones from scratch – from scientists to founders to performance gurus to techies.

You may not have heard of us before… but you sure have now.

George Mylonakis

Founder, Rabble-rouser

Reuven Fein

MIT-educated systems architect

Dr. Lisa Zaval

Columbia University Behavioral Psychology PhD in Judgment & Decision Making
Chief Scientist

Frank Pezzullo

Sales and productivity guru
Chief Sales Officer

Dave Matli

Fortune 50 Marketer

Dr. Josie Ryan

Resident math genius

Evan Cooper

Financial analyst and accounting wizard

Jefferson Davis

Blockchain Architect, AI/IoT specialist

Alfredo Caraveo

Compliance and asset protection
(aka “the muscle”)

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