how it works

The apps and devices you use every day are making tons of money from your data. blockWRK gives you a piece of your own pie by rewarding you with WRK tokens for the data already being collected about you. We use this data to help you be more productive, and to help businesses learn how to incentivize productivity. Our Proof-of-WRK distribution system is loyalty-based, so the more WRK you hold, and the longer you hold it, the more you increase your earning power.

When you use the blockWRK mobile app, the data you share is stored securely on the blockchain – in the blockWRK BIT Network – allowing you to retain control over your identifiable data while creating an immutable record of your productivity. The more you use blockWRK the more extensive your history becomes, empowering you to take control of your income potential by proving your value to employers far more persuasively than any resume.

For WRK to have value, you need to be able to spend it. The blockWRK Office creates continuous demand for WRK from businesses resulting in an inherent incentive for them to accept WRK as payment, so you can buy goods and services from businesses using WRK without ever needing to convert to fiat. By identifying Revenue Driving Activities, or RDAs, smart contracts allow businesses to automatically pay WRK each time the performance of an RDA is validated on the BIT Network, creating the possibility for a trustless, decentralized employer-employee relationship.

get more for your WRK

be more productive

The blockWRK app helps you set and achieve personal and professional goals. As you use the app and earn WRK, blockWRK analyzes your daily activities and gives you tips on how to increase your productivity, while also showing you ways you can earn more WRK.

help businesses grow revenues

As a blockWRK user, the statistical analysis of your data helps us map RDAs (revenue driving activities) to help businesses understand the root causes of productivity and revenue creation. If your employer uses blockWRK too, they can use the app to automatically reward you with WRK for on the job tasks, as well as for performing healthy, productive activities off the clock.

You set your sharing permissions and retain total control over your identifiable data, and your employer decides which RDAs should be compensated. The blockWRK app acts as a mediator to maintain your privacy while enabling the compensation of RDAs.

BIT Network

Our Blockchained Interplanetary Tangle, or BIT Network for short, is built upon the work of several existing distributed ledger technologies. The core of the BIT Network is a modified implementation of the Tangle where the directed acyclic graph (DAG) structure allows us to maintain long term scalability and zero-fee transactions. In the interest of decentralization, the BIT Network has eliminated the role of the coordinator, replaces the use of permanodes with the IPFS protocol to archive historical data in a distributed peer-to-peer fashion, and uses daily hashing to the Ethereum blockchain to maintain the security and immutability of the BIT Network. 

If you want to know more about the technical nuts and bolts of the blockWRK BIT Network:


who we are

Real-life managers, executives, researchers, and crypto enthusiasts. People that have been through the wringer and experienced all the good, the bad, and the ugly that the business world and its misaligned incentives has to offer. We have made careers out of fixing broken systems and coming up with new ones from scratch – from scientists to founders to performance gurus to techies.

You may not have heard of us before… but you sure have now.

George Mylonakis

Founder, Rabble-rouser

Nicholas Kourtis, Esq.

Serial entrepreneur, Harvard Law
Co-founder and COO

Dr. Lisa Zaval

Columbia University Behavioral Psychology PhD in Judgment & Decision Making
Chief Scientist

Reuven Fein

MIT-educated systems architect

Frank Pezzullo

Sales and productivity guru
Chief Product Officer

Dr. Josie Ryan

Resident math genius

Evan Cooper

Financial analyst and accounting wizard

Jefferson Davis

Blockchain engineer, AI/IoT specialist

Alfredo Caraveo

Security and asset protection
(aka “the muscle”)

join us – buy WRK

The blockWRK mobile app is entering closed alpha testing.
The blockWRK Office business platform is fully functional.
The blockWRK BIT Network is almost ready to roll out.

Now all we need is you… join us.

Anyone can join blockWRK by using Ethereum to purchase WRK during our initial token sale period. The earlier you buy WRK and the more you have, the faster you earn WRK when our Proof-of-WRK distribution starts upon the public beta release of the blockWRK app.

blockWRK Inc. is required to comply with AML/KYC laws, so in order to buy WRK you will need to go through a simple identity verification process. This fully automated process only takes a few minutes to complete and your information is 100% secure.

We will update this section with further details once a date is set for the launch of the initial token sale period. In the mean time, if you fill out the form below and put “Keep Me Posted” in the subject line we will make sure you are the first to know!

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