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blockWRK aligns company goals and employee incentives... so everyone wins.

Turn yearly bonus programs into daily goal incentives that make the most impact on your business. Research* shows that small, frequent rewards create intrinsic motivation and are far more effective than larger, infrequent rewards.

blockWRK allows you to set company-wide, department-level or individual goals and rewards that are tracked and rewarded automatically... with NO administrative support required.
“Immediate, small rewards lead to higher engagement and productivity in employees”.

How does it work?

Example Outcome Desired: Reduce accident settlements from unreported work injuries.

Define a behavior to reward daily

Reward the employee immediately

Adjust daily goals to improve long-term outcomes

Employers & PEOs

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Better for your employees.
Better for your business.

Incentivize productive employee behaviors
Quarterly bonuses and year-end raises have limited impact on incentivizing employee performance. The blockWRK app integrates with your existing systems allowing you to configure daily productivity rewards that are paid to employees automatically when their tasks are complete, without the administrative headache.

Employers: Increase employee focus on key metrics
Employees: Get paid to drive company productivity

What is blockWRK for Employers & PEOs?

Increase productivity. Reduce compliance risk & cost. Provide better employee benefits – All in one app.

blockWRK brings the best health and wellness capabilities along with effective daily safety check-ins and a unique health incentivization system into a single app. With a single partner, employers can offer new benefits to their employees that were previously only available to large multinational corporations. blockWRK helps employers and PEOs take care of their employees while reducing costs — and shows employees that they are valued.

Your biggest employee costs are all preventable

US businesses spend over $62 billion each year on worker's compensation claims from preventable on-the job injuries, the majority of which are the result of violations of existing company safety policies.
$1,685 per employee
$575 Billion per year
Productivity losses linked to absenteeism cost employers $225.8 billion annually in the United States, or $1,685 per employee.
U.S. employers lose $575 billion a year in healthcare costs and lost productivity due to worker absence from preventable chronic health conditions.
$62 billion per year



Medical Claims

Reward daily habits that keep employees healthier

The CDC recommends a minimum of 30 minutes of moderate exercise daily to reduce the risks of heart disease, obesity, diabetes and other common chronic conditions (that are the leading cause of workplace absenteeism).

Everyone knows that exercise is good for them, but it's often hard to find the motivation to do what is best for tomorrow when the rewards aren't visible today.

The blockWRK app fights the most common health conditions (and
largest causes of healthcare claims) by gamifying activity with daily rewards. Employees earn WRK tokens which are redeemable for real U.S. dollars by reaching daily step or heartrate counts monitored by their wearbale fitness device and tracked by blockWRK.

Daily safety checks keep them safe and you in compliance

Workplace safety violations – of existing policies – are the main cause of the $171 Billion spent yearly by U.S. companies on workers comp claims and on-the-job injury lawsuits. It’s also the single biggest risk that PEOs face.

BlockWRK recruits your entire workforce to report injuries and safety violations daily – before an incident can turn into a crisis. For employees it's simple — a daily reward in WRK tokens for a daily safety check-in where they can report any accidents or safety violations. Since WRK tokens can be redeemed for U.S. dollars, this is the simplest way for workers to put some more money in their pocket... and even one less workplace injury claim can offset the cost of the program.

Clock in from anywhere.
Or only from a specific job site.

In the new world of remote and hybrid work, employers need the simplest and easiest-to-use systems to manage their workers.

The integrated BlockWRK time card app is simple and works on any smart phone, automatically linking time card data with company payroll systems. For some workers it’s perfect right out of the box.

For other employers, such as construction companies with workers reporting at specific remote locations, the time card app can be configured to track – or block – time card entries based on geographic location. This allows the work day to start even if the project manager is on assignment elsewhere.

And for those who require strict OSHA compliance, the time card can be congured to require workplace safety responses and even a photo upload of the workplace, proper safety gear or machine conditions before allowing a clock-in. It provides a deeper level of safety oversight even without a manager there – and a timestamped record of compliance if needed.

Help when they need it.
Day or night.

A 2015 study by the CDC Foundation estimated the costs in productivity due to absenteeism to US employers to be $225.8 Billion (or about $1685 per employee).

One of the leading causes of employee absenteeism (after medical issues due to the chronic health conditions mentioned above is untreated mental illness and depression. The National Alliance on Mental Health (NAMI) estimates that untreated mental illness costs the United States up to $193 billion every year in lost productivity. Employees suffering from depression cost U.S. employers $44 billion per year in lost productive time (including work absences).

But while depression, burnout and stress may affect the workday, employees may be most open to treatment in privacy or in the middle of the night. That's why blockWRK provides 24/7 telehealth counseling on demand. So employees can seek help when and where they need it.

Orthopedic injury specialists on demand

Muscle and joint injuries are another common cause of workplace absenteeism and often result in thousands of dollars of medical treatment and imaging for injuries that can often be diagnosed and treated at home with physical therapist recommended exercises.

BlockWRK offers an AI-powered symptom assessment tool and immediate access to a certified orthopedic specialist to employees. It saves employees from multiple doctors visits to get treatment – and saves your bottom line from unnecessary medical claims.

Protect your employees from predatory lenders

Last year American employees paid $12 billion in payday loan fees. Rates for these predatory loans vary by state, but reach over 600% APR in some states like Texas and Nevada and average 391% nationwide.

Even mainstream banks have found profit by preying on lower wage workers. During 2020, when many consumers had lost their incomes due to Covid-19, banks like Citi, Wells Fargo and Bank of America made $34.6 billion in overdraft fees from their customers – often by processing large transactions first to force a higher number of transactions to overdraw so that they could charge hundreds of dollars in NSF fees at a time.

As an employer you can help by providing employees with payday advances using blockWRK. They'll pay only a $5 flat fee – at 0% APR. Instead of a debt-spiral, your employees who are in a cash-crunch when rent's due will experience something unusual – employee loyalty for an employer who is willing to help them when they're in need.
If your employer is not using blockWRK yet — share the link to this site with your HR administrator.

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