Welcome to CryptoLand: A Place Full of Huh?

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Welcome to CryptoLand: A Place Full of Huh?

Nestled snuggly in the middle of DECENTRALIZED everywhere…

There’s a magical park called…CryptoLand! 

It’s a wonderful place set in the world of tomorrow full of rollercoasters rides and it’s the happiest place on earth!*

*Only when the market’s up.

Have you been?  Guaranteed that once you’re in there, walk around, get on the rides, experience the thrills and frights that you’ll never want to leave!*

*Refer to first asterisk. 

A fair warning on what you’ll experience…complete confusion on terminology since this park is built as of this moment so you can enjoy the thrill rides but not understand how they work.

Shall we take the tour?  Then pack up the CRYPTO-KITTIES and let’s go!


Before we begin, you’ll need to get your HARDWARE WALLET out and buy your TOKENS.  How much is it to enter?  I don’t know.  What’s the price as of this second?

Sometimes the park is empty and tokens are cheap.  Sometimes it’s full and ugh…forget it. Maybe we should go on a Tuesday. 

As you enter CryptoLand, you will notice directly straight down the path is a beautiful castle that towers over everything…CRYPTO-rella’s Castle!  It lights up every night and everything.

It’s awesome. 

Crypto-rella is based on an old folk myth.  It’s a story about unjust oppression and triumphant reward.  Cough…

That snow-covered mountain over there?  The Matterhorn BLOCKCHAIN.  

In reality, this is the real middle of the park and where everything is built but you wouldn’t know it.  Again, just enjoy the tour.  Mmmm…what’s that smell?

* As a side note, when CryptoLand was first built, it only accepted BITCOIN as the token to get in.  Now it accepts ALT-COINS.  You know, every other type of token except Bitcoin?  Yeah.

I know it’s starting to feel overwhelming but HODL on, we’re barely getting started.


Not NONCE-cense

Maybe we should start with getting some FUD to eat.  No?  Make up your mind`  So many options though so no need to fear or doubt.

There’s the Hard FORK Cafe.  Just jump on the Big Thunder MINING Railroad and get off as soon as you see the path cut out to a new path that more than 51% of the patrons decided to create last week.  

I heard they opened a restaurant right in back of The PROOF OF WORK of the Caribbean.  Wanna go there?  First you have to pass a test to get in though.  

They specialize in broiled WHALE.  Deelish!  Hope you have a large appetite!

Afterwards, we can take it easy and slow down…maybe go to the Country BEAR Jamboree?

Then HASH Tours.  It’s a long line of different looking people waiting to get in but at the end, they all look shorter but exactly the same height but still different…weird.

It’s right across SOLIDITY Mountain.  Follow the map.

But for all of the rides and food and happiness, the main attraction is the tried and true…the one ride that represents everyone and it’s all automated…

It’s a SMART CONTRACT World!  


IOTA explain…

Look…love or hate this place,  the truth of the matter is this: you don’t need to know how everything works and you don’t need to know the history of each ride.

CryptoLand can be a pretty scary place if you dig into the details but it gets more familiar every time you visit.

Also, it will never be complete so there’s always something new to see.

So whether you want to invest big or small, try to relax and enjoy the ride.  The park is still being built and it gets better by the day.  And yes, some rides are better than others.  It all has to do with the idea and execution of the ride and the quality of the team.  Cough…

Don’t forget to follow the sweet smell to the crypto-churros stand on the way out.


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About the Author:

Alfredo Caraveo is the Vice President of Asset Protection for blockWRK. With over 15 years of experience at multiple levels in several organizations, he brings a wealth of knowledge and exciting perspectives to the world of crypto. He is also the founder of SherLOCKED Consulting.